Are air purifiers helpful in the removal of mold and mildew?

If you have mold and mildew problems in your home, the solution to completely remove them is to physically clean them. Air purifiers can help you remove the mold spores floating in the air, either generally or after a clean-up. But, air purifiers can not aid you in getting rid of mold from the walls. Air purifiers can lessen the number of mold spores from the indoor air but they can not remove every single spore. Additionally, if you have mold and mildew in your home, you will be required to change the air filters more frequently than usual. So, to prevent yourself from mold issues, you need to physically clean the walls (with bleach or other cleaning substance). Then use the air purifiers to get rid of the spores left behind in the air of your home.

Is one air purifier enough to clean an entire house?

Yes, one air purifier is enough to clean the indoor air of an entire home, if you choose the right one. Not all the rooms of your home are equally used, and if you have a portable air purifier, you can move it from one room to another, as per the requirement. The packaging and the manuals of the air purifiers mention the area they can cover with efficiency. Consider all the important factors while buying the best air purifier for your home, and you can save the cost of buying another one. 

 Is it ok to sleep next to an air purifier?

Yes, it is absolutely ok to use an air purifier while using. It has the same effect on health while sleeping as it has when you are awake. Just make sure that it does not blow the air directly to your face, as the air is might feel relatively dry due to the speed. 

Should I use my air purifier the whole day?

Using your air purifier for the whole day doesn’t have any negative effects. In fact, it helps in maintaining good indoor air quality as the pollutants flow through the air all the time. If you keep the appliance running throughout the day, it will keep removing the air pollutants. Just remember to change or clean the air filters on timeto ensure it’s properly working.